A Weekend With Rally George.

I love cars. Especially old, boxy, European ones. Late last year a good friend of mine, known notoriously by all of my car friends as Rally George offered to sell me a couple cars.

His idea of selling them was practically giving them away to young car enthusiasts like ourselves. His mindset was that he might as well sell them to people that will love them the way he did. These cars are old, boxy and weird, so it isn't every day a couple of 20 somethings roll up and want them, but we also are weird so it makes sense that we are so obsessed. Knowing we are all young and broke he typically just makes up a price, often having nothing to do with the vehicle's worth and a great deal more to do with little details about it. For example, I once bought a motorcycle from him that was worth 3 grand, but he sold it to me for $650 because it was 650cc. He thought that was so clever, and it was. In all honesty we really are there just to get the chance to talk to him. We always have such an amazing time. This man is just a walking, talking, breathing story.

There is a common misconception that car enthusiasts are materialistic. That being involved in a culture obsessed with these machines makes you that way. In my experience it is quite the opposite. The way these smelly old rust buckets bring the most unlikely together is something I will spend the rest of my life trying to understand. It's this beautiful mix of blue and white collar thinking. Artistic observation and linear, logistical problem solving that really is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Every time I make a trip up to Illinois to see Rally George, I am reminded of that.